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D. Gorman landscaping Company Inc. is 100% fully insured. You can feel confident knowing that any and all projects that we are working on are always fully insured by complete and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect you the customer and our valued employees. Our work is always guaranteed and we promise that we will always make good on our word! Certificates of Insurance issued upon request.

Risks of Hiring an Uninsured Contractor- What you need to know!

When contractors leave jobs unfinished, do poor work and attempt to cover it up, or leave dangerous tools and equipment lying around, you may be the one at risk – especially if said contractor doesn’t have proper insurance coverage. There are essentially three types of insurance coverage you need to check for when checking out contractors that you may be considering. 1) Workers’ compensation insurance 2) Public liability insurance with completed and ongoing operations endorsement. 3) Property damage insurance. Contractors that do not have these types of insurance coverage are placing you, your home, and your business at risk if injuries occur to their employees and subcontractors as well as your employees, customers, and guests. They are also placing you on the hook for damages that occur to your property and neighboring properties as a result of their actions.

How Can You Mitigate those Risks?

First, work only with insured contractors. The costs may be higher but the risks are considerably lower. Second, trust, but verify. Ask for the contractor’s insurance agent to fax a report about the specific insurance coverage the contractor has, as it applies to your project, as well as the end date for coverage so that you’re certain insurance will not expire before you project is complete. Making wise decisions like these and taking action before hiring a contractor will minimize your risks as long as you hire contractors with adequate insurance coverage.

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